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Catherine Ghiglieri, Founder
Ghiglieri & Company
2300 Cypress Point West, Austin, TX 78746
Ghiglieri & Company was founded in 1999 by Catherine Ghiglieri, the former Texas Banking Commissioner. Ms. Ghiglieri has over 25 years of bank regulatory experience, including 18 years with the Comptroller of the Currency. She has a BBA in Finance from the University of Notre Dame and a JD from Georgia State University. Ms. Ghiglieri is a member of the District of Columbia Bar and the State Bar of Georgia.
Ghiglieri & Company provides services to bank boards of directors including board member training, corporate governance studies and strategic planning. See Training and Consulting Services for the full range of products provided.
Ms. Ghiglieri serves as a banking expert witness in banking litigation on such topics as bank fraud, check fraud, banking practices and procedures and bank regulatory processes. See Expert Witness Services for a listing of topics on which Ms. Ghiglieri opines.
Ms. Ghiglieri is co-author of two books: The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors (2010) and The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors, Revised Edition (2015), which provide bank directors with a roadmap for navigating the challenges facing the financial system today.  To order, Click Here.
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